Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Home Sick

So I am at home, sick.
And I am also homesick, because when I have a cold, my Mummy always looks after me and makes me honey and lemon drinks and tells me to put on socks and buys me amazing magazines to read. And when your Mummy is on the other side of the world, you have to do these things for yourself. So today I made ginger tea and sternly told myself to put on some socks and went to the Musee Redpath to draw studies of the stuffed animals for my Drawing class. It was very nice and warm in there and my sketches turned out rather nicely, I spent a long time on a fossilized pre-historic moose head, and then I started drawing the room around it and then the tour guide came over and gave me this big enthusiastic thumbs-up, because I was listening to music through headphones! haha! There was also an Albino Fox and a Puffin and a big Majestic Lioness, with a curled up, dangerous smile.

So now I am at home on my Red Bed really very exhausted.
I'll have some more ginger tea soon and go to see Chuck D do a student talk at my school (!) and then fall asleep! Promptly!

Oh and the leaves are changing now! It is the most beautiful sight. Every time I look upwards, I just swoon.


  1. oh my god, how was chuck d?!

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