Monday, 19 February 2007


Well hello again! I am actually back, which is something I thought would never happen. Today I came home early from school because I have an extremely stubborn cold, and I felt bad for sniffling and clutching onto floral hankies while reciting French Grammar. So I took it upon myself to leave.

I HAVE been working though! At the moment, I am making a smocked dress for my Art folio. My theme is a complicated one, that is difficult to explain. However, I will try. I want to create a child- or the concept of a child that is universal, in the way that it is me at all stages in my life up to the age of ten. I am going to explore the links between folklore (that is-parent interference on the child's perception of reality) and imagination, (the unprejudiced and untouched individuality of the child) and the effects that these two factors have on a child and its possessions/a>

I am also knitting a cardigan. It is from a 1956 springtime women's weekly. The pattern is called "sophisticated shortie". Due to the tiny ply and the miniscule needles, I think I should be finished this by oh... 2056?/a>

Well, because of the incessant heat that we are experiencing down here, I have no patience for baking. God. It's awful! But here's a snap of a cake (Raspberry and Pine Nut) that I made to commemorate the death of my last 'Summer as a Schoolgirl'.
It really looked amazing, but couldn't be appreciated. As soon as it was on the cooling rack, the sun split through the clouds and poured sticky-hot daylight down. I did make a delightful yoghourt-cream with a few raspberries plopped throughout, and that was well received./a>

And now I am sitting on a cushion, eating a very blushed peach!
Oh! Onto more essays and seaming of silk dresses for me!
Good Afternoon!
Love, Ruby

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  1. Hope you're feeling better. Your art project sounds absolutely fascinating.