Wednesday, 21 February 2007

in the middle of the night

it's the middle of the night and i'm probably not even allowed to use capital letters. so i won't. i have just been writing and writing for my art assignment and i just cannot write anymore! (oops, too loud) i have been learning all about kiki smith, who is just a brilliant artist and a beautiful woman.
The picture above is me, in a dress that i made for new years eve. i based it upon a doll's dress that i made for my best friend's boss, who is called pip, (which is my mum's name) and we "probably know everything about each other already" says little molly.
if i knew how to link, then you could all see this dress that i have made, but i don't. i will learn though.
well regardless, this is my dress. or at least the best photo i can get at the moment. i will show you some more photos soon. i promise... and i have never broken a promise. at least not on this blog.
i hope that if anyone was reading this aloud, they at least whispered the whole thing because really, it's not very appropriate, speaking loudly in the Middle Of The Night.


  1. Good Morning! That's the time it'll be over there right now. I like the look of your dress. The back is very pretty, with the lace.

    Is the doll called Pip, or your best friend's boss?

    You can do a link in two ways:
    If you are using the "rich text editor" (with buttons for font, colour, size &C.) you can just type out the web address including the "http://"

    If you are using the "plain text editor" (sans the above and the font is in courier new) then you need to use html code, see on this page,

    Hope that helps!


  2. gee whizz, whizz fiz, computer wizz. i need to take a wizz.