Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Wednesday's Child

My neighbour/sister, Gracie is sitting next to me right now! And we are both Wednesday's children... full of 'whoooo!'
We are organising an Autumn party, and talking about French homework. Which seems to be all that I speak about these days.
It is rather muggy weather and Sebastian is drawing on his tummy.
I have brought gifties to my blog today! Here are some things that I have made!
This is a hat that I made in summer, last year. I actually made it during exams, which seems to be a regular occurrence. I ALWAYS make things in high-stress situations.

Here are a couple of dollies that I made. One in 2005 and one last year! Oh, now I feel old. They are perched in a baby pram that I found on the street. It is called 'Cyclops'. Oh I called them Clara and Pluto. Try and guess which is which.

And.. This is my cardigan! At least the back of it, all folded and cast-off! My first finished knitting piece- kind of.

I have to let Sebastian on the computer... "I know way more about computers than you, Ruby".
We just found an old tape I made in grade three... "GROSSOLOGY" haha!
Ahhh! Back to the lure of Art History. Huh, Zoe? are you reading?
bye-bye, love rubyxxxxxx

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