Thursday, 22 February 2007

Linky link!

Hello deer-reader!
So, hopefully by the end of this post, I will know how to link. With thanks to my new friend Anushka!!!

Also I mentioned in the last post about the doll's dress, that I based my real dress on. Click! and-there-you-are! happy landing on a chocolate bar!

The photograph above is a picture of My Brother, My Neighbour and I. We were all learning to knit last year, and this photo was taken down at Venus Bay. Our neighbours have a block of land and have just built a gorgeous house there! Well I wish I had more to link, but I don't really. I suppose that just makes them all the more enjoyable though!

kissy kiss! and linky link! to you.

With Love From Ruby


  1. RUBY. Ruby, my love don't go snailing your love to hibiscus leaves and geranium kisses, i just read every single one of your blogs in one entire sitting! i am watching a very depressing documentary about high rise flats in sydney which is very relevent to the class i will have to-morrow, which is SOCIOLOGY. since high rises are a 'social issue'. and they are, it is a terrible thing that these people, from disadvantaged groups and suffering in poverty and oppression and just trapped in these shoe-box sized apartments, and people jump off the roof, and they are drug addicts, and its awful, and i want to help them all! and bake them cakes! and make them wall tapestries! and cook them breakfast! an old flame from mothers past just called, a man she hasnt spoken to for 20 years, and she is meeting up with him! for dinner!. my blogger display name is still molly ruby! is that something i can change? lets save lives some time. but right now, i have to write constraints and considerations. BUT RUBY, yer blog has inspired me! i want to live some other place, like fitzroy in the 1970's. also i want to go to sydney but tessas organizing a show the same weekend that Sam is organazing a festival in sydney. i am watching an old heroin addict brush her hair to music with her eyes closed, and it IS phenominal. i want to help someone! let me help you! can i help you? how can i help you? do you need some help? are you being helped? would you like an extra helping? help me!
    the end.

  2. That's a cute photo. I like your brother's glasses.