Monday 26 March 2007

Brightest Flamingo Face

Inspired by Meet Me At Mike's post about a certain somebody, I decided to make my own.
This is Molly, of whom I am very proud, wearing a shining blue ballgown that was found in a secret place. It is her seventeenth birthday present.
Somebody has hand-worked this dress, probably for their daughter to wear to a dance... but not a hop. It fits Molly like a glove, and right now it is hanging in my wardrobe because it is too precious to be transported by train. We are waiting for my Dad to drive us around in his rusty pink wagon.

blowing bubbles...

Hallo old chums! I've been a long time, but I won't apologise. If I write things when I don't want to, they are not usually worth reading! So there you have it!
Today I woke up at 5:30 am- by accident of course! I wanted to go to the Camberwell market, so I made sure I was out of the house by 7:30. But I didn't realise that it was the end of daylight savings, so I was an hour ahead. I wandered down the deserted station ramp and lucky me! The very first tram of the day rolled by me! I got on the tram, hoping to kill 45 minutes or so. It was surprisingly full- I guess a lot of people hadn't been home. I listened to my brother's band The Ships Piano all the way along St Kilda Rd.
Then I wandered around the city- it was cold and only beginning to become light. I walked toward Flinders Street Station and suddenly I heard "RUBYYY!!!" -I looked up, only to see my good friend Tessa! She had been out all night and was waiting for the trains to start up again. By the time I got to Camberwell, it was around 8 o'clock. I began scavenging straight away.
I bought some swap cards- my Dad and I have begun to collect them after a lucky find in Burwood. The two above, I plucked out hungrily after seeing pages and pages of bronzed nineties footballers grinning out from their plastic sleeves.
And then I found the gilded bird (below) inside a really expensive tin that I was going to buy- until I found out how much it cost. I think my disappointment must have been obvious, for the woman gave me the card as a condolence.

And! These fantastic little things! Oh they are such fun to play with! I found this game- "Tops And Tails" perched on a card table, shining in the sun. The only thing is, that there is only ONE piece missing in the whole set. Which really gets me. Nevertheless, they are really a good lot of fun!

This is a tin that I had previously had the lid to, but not the bottom. I found the lid a few years ago at Hard Rubbish, and I always wanted to know what the bottom looked like. When I saw it on the table, I just flipped! I must say, it lives up to its expectations. There are pictures of labeled wildflowers around the sides, and when you turn it, there is a map of all the different kinds of sweet-things that had been packed away in the tin.

Fate had brought me to this golden strawberry apron, for I did not find it at the market! My train home was not coming for 38 minutes- so I decided to walk all the way home from South Yarra (about an hour away). The opp shop was open, and I figured that I should go in for a little look. I found this little gem after a while- I was about to give up. It cost six dollars- the exact amount in my purse and for good measure, my LUCKY number.

I also got some other very good and bloggable items, but I'm sure that I can spread them over this week. Which happily is the last week of school before Autumn/Spring break.
Stay Snailey
Lots and Lots of Love From Ruby

Saturday 10 March 2007

Oh Hamburg!

Well guess what? This is what my dear friend Ricky Ray Ricardo sees every time he opens his bedroom curtains. He is in Germany on exchange and from what I hear, having a terrific time of it! I am so envious of that brilliant ice and snow- think of the layers upon layers of woolies! Speaking of wild and wooly weather, it has been rather nice recently here. Which is exactly my problem. I want rain and fog! I want cardigans and scarves! It IS Autumn after all, it's not too much to ask... but the sun continues to split through the clouds and dance around, gaily. P.S I don't really mean it- I'm just in need of some chilliness.
I have been rejuvenating my 'cyclops' brand children's pram and hopefully should be finished by tomorrow afternoon. I will show some pictures soon!
And just-then my Father walked through the door bearing gifties! Oh he brought me the most marvelous box of swap cards that I have ever seen and now I will go up to my room, which isn't tidy and gaze for a few minutes before nodding off. I don't fancy going into the kitchen to fetch the camera, because there is a sinister-looking spider pressed against the wall, and when I go for a glass of milk I am reminded of her (or him).
Goodnight Sillies!

Wednesday 7 March 2007

hullo there!

It seems that I have a new new brand new friend! Her name is Wandering Wendy, because she follows me around! I really wished that I had found one of the longed for Betsy Wetsy Dolls of my mother's childhood (her baby sister had one, but she didn't) but I love Wendy AND her poly-plastic blend frock.

Here she is, perched on some bricks in my garden. I will have a splendid time making her lots of new dresses!
Molly and I had gone on an expedition to Nunawading and decided to drop in at Heather Shimmen's hometown on the way. It looked as though fate had spouted a golden stream of niceties down upon us on our routine-second-visit to the epilepsy opp shop in Blackburn. I found a wonderful bouquet of dolls dresses from mid-century Australian Suburbia and some little postcards from Geraldton. 1944.

But then! Molly and I had a little cherry tart from 'Bonjour Du Paris" *ahem* that's Hello Some Paris. And we waltzed past the opp shop window once more for good luck, and who was staring with candy-eyed intent? One Wandering Wendy!
I knew that she was something that I needed and to deny her to myself would be a form of self-harm.
And that's how she was welcomed into my family.
stay sweet!