Sunday 15 April 2007

Flora's First Smock

This is a dress that I began to make a very long time ago. It is for my art theme 'The link between folklore and imagination and the manifestation in children and their possessions'. I hand-sewed (as in without a machine) nearly all of it except for the boring old straight-seams! It took AGES but was definitely worth it. I think it would be a little too small for a Real-Life baby, but maybe I'll make a doll to fit.

xxx Pinky Pink Ruby xxx

Friday 6 April 2007


This is what Milly Molly Mandy would look like if she had ever met a snail.
&hearts RUBY

Tuesday 3 April 2007

Yelling at Snails

baby bunting

This is me, baking as usual at our old house in Richmond. Check out the fancy moccasins and crumply jarmies. I can assure you dear reader, nothing has changed.
The painting in the background is an early one, by my dad. It is still "hanging" around. hahaha... ah
In fact, this photograph represents me so well that I have sent it in to be part of the next Meet Me At Mike's shop window display.
Now that I look at the clock, it appears that I have spent my entire day doing nothing. Oh no! Oh dear! Oh mercy! Oh Snail!