Tuesday 14 October 2008

Back Frum New York

We took some cherubic-style, actual NYC pictures, but they're still on Cori's shit hot camera, which is still in New York with her.

Tuesday 7 October 2008


Oh really I hate blogs.

In Between

I always feel like I am in-between things, and right now I am in-between classes.

Sunday 5 October 2008

Picket Line Sista

So I am sick again!

That's what I get for moving to a place that is really really cold.

Cori and I were listening to Marvin Gaye last night as I was painting, and suddenly I just had one of my urges to do a bit of performance- so I started painting a moustache on my face, followed by a full, manly beard.

Here I am on my bed "Come On Come On Come On Come On."

And here is the revised version of my pomegranate/glass painting, only with a pair of turquoise gloves as well!
I don't know about the cream wall, I'm probably going to do something darker. I think it's funny the way you can make preparatory studies of something and end up liking them better anyway- even if you spent one million years on the second one.

I love you like meat loves salt.

Love, Cordelia

P.S Who Loves MY SO CALLED LIFE more than life itself?


Friday 3 October 2008


At the moment I have been attracted to round things- especially round foods, strangely enough.
So when I went to start on my next sculpture project, I thought I would like to make a quilt that radiates in different fabrics around and around and around until it becomes absolutely huge and incomprehensibly round.

I started making it, and now I feel like it is too "craft" and not to mention eighties "rah-rah" for me. So I am going to put it away for another time and start on something a little simpler.

I have a modernist space project in painting at the moment and I wanted to paint a pomegranate. So this is my precursor/study before I do the actual thing. I am pretty disappointed with the glass of water, but I think the fruit worked out well I think. It is on the smallest piece of canvas board they had at school, it's like 4" x 6".

I went on a long walk to Mile End the other day and walked down Clark Street, which is a Road With No Rules. All of the houses are painted wacky colours and nothing makes sense- which is true of the whole of Montreal actually.

I thought these houses were totally wonderful.