Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rabbit Flip-Dolls

Here are some flip-dolls that I plan on selling on Etsy. I made one here for Casper, and it is his favourite toy. They're so playful and cute too. I've had so much fun making them, can you tell?

This is the sleepy/awake doll:

The happy/crying doll:

The bored/surprised doll:

And finally, my favourite, the sleepy/awake paisley doll:

Honeycomb Quilts

These are beautiful baby quilts that I have made to sell in my Etsy shop! They are the perfect snuggly quilt for popping in the stroller on a crisp Autumn walk.

They are so sweet and playful, I really enjoyed creating colour themes and placing them out before sewing them up. I paper pieced them on my machine, which is a funny combination of traditional and modern technique.

Casper likes them, but I am putting them all up for sale. I will have to make him a special one.

 There is one "Lovebirds" quilt:

One "Mustard Seed":

And two "Poppy" quilts:

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Blue Scribbly Half-Circle Skirt

I bought this fabric in the quilting section in Spotlight, which is where I go first when I am looking for beautiful patterned cottons. It reminds me of Scandanavian design from the 60s.

I wanted a long skirt, because as I get older (and wiser) my preference for longer hemlines has taken over. Although I have always loved long hemlines, I have been guilty in the past of "rolling" the waistband of my school skirt from years 7 to 10!

The cotton tends to crease a lot, although that's not a bad thing necessarily. In fact, it sort of accentuates the print.

Photos by Steve, also feat. baby Casper and Mika the dog.

Pink Mohair Mumsy Cardigan

When I was pregnant with Casper, I decided that if I was going to be a mummy, I needed an extra mumsy cardigan to wear whilst baking banana muffins and wiping snotty noses.

I made up the pattern as I went, measuring it against another cardigan.
It didn't take long to make, as I used larger needles than I'm used to. I'm so happy with the watermelon pink mohair- it's so fluffy and warm.

I have heaps of wool left. I might have to make a replacement when this one becomes encrusted by years of muffins and snot.