Sunday, 18 November 2012

Floral Pinafore

I made this pinafore a few months ago from some floral corduroy that I have had for a while in my fabric cupboard. I made up the pattern, it was fairly simple to sew. The skirt is tucked all around, there is a zipper closure and then the suspenders are buttoned on. The clasp on the back is an old scouts neckerchief slide. 

I had seen a couple of pinafores around the internet (I think they're called jumpers in North America) and wanted to try my hand at making myself one. I really like wearing it, it's comfortable and versatile. I was wearing fair isle jumpers underneath it when it was colder and for Summer I think I will wear some short sleeved button up shirts with it! I might try and make some shorts with suspenders next time.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Drawing the Domestic

I try to draw whenever I have a spare moment, just to keep a record of the everyday. Looking back at these drawings, (most of them are from this year) it seems like unremarkable moments are the ones I want to keep. I don't usually post my pictures on this blog, but I feel like sometimes there is a blurred line between how I see the world and the way I work in it.

I suppose I have always been a diarist, and always loved the idea of people reading back on my life someday. That's probably also the reason for having a blog, so that there is some chronological record of things that I have bothered to write down and a way of tracking my creative development. Another interest of mine is book binding and although I have never been trained, I make all of my notebooks by hand. 


Friday, 16 November 2012


This week I have been working on a secret project that I won't be revealing until later in the year. 
Today I am painting some illustrations for an online film review. Last night a friend of mine asked me to make him a jacket out of astro-turf.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Old Favourites

I made this cape for Casper when he was very small, to see if I could make something for my shop that would be suitable to sell in one size from newborn to toddler and beyond. I am glad to say that it has continued to be worn (and torn) and hopefully will last until next winter too. 

I love the thought of having clothes that can grow with children, I am brewing some ideas for "growing" dresses and pants for summer. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes my son is magic.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Car Cake

Yesterday we had a picnic to celebrate the lil' man's birthday. It was such a beautiful sunny day and so many people came to hang out- it was really heartwarming, there are so many people who love him.
We didn't take too many photos, but other people did. Though I did insist that Steve take some pictures of the cake I made, because it had a few run-ins with park dogs and the frosting was looking kind of melty. I made a Casper cake last year and wanted to up the stakes a bit with a car cake this year. I based it on my Dad's car, which is a pink FB Holden. It's a basic chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, marshmallow headlights and oreos with liquorice wrapped around them for the tyres.

The best thing was that it combined Casper's two true loves, cars and cakes.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Colour Theory

It might be something in the jeans, but Casper knows his colour theory.