Monday, 23 March 2009

the snow has snowed, the grass has growed.

Montreal is so sunny and lovely at this time of year. Last night it snowed a little, and by midday it had melted again! So I am saying goodbye to Winter and a long awaited "Hullo!" to Spring.

Going home in May.


Sunday, 15 March 2009


I made a sister vessel to the theatre, when my friend Laura did the chop as well and gave me all of her hair.

Cori made the most amazing vegan carrot cake. It actually changed my life.

I went to Albany for the day by myself. It was a weird amazing town and I spent about two hours in a bookshop talking to this old Town Historian. They streets had names like Pearl, State and Maiden. Just so.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Washing Day Theatre

I cut off all my hair by the way.

So... Hello Again

Let me see... what have I been doing lately?

Well. I made a baby. Out of clay and it has pushpin teeth and eyelashes made out of my hair. It's pretty scary and also a bit shiny. I wrapped him up in a velvet skirt I bought at the Village Des Valeurs and he now sits on top of my ironing board in a wicker basket, scowling at everyone who comes into my room.

I painted cartoon eyes on the toilet. They are bubbling up a bit, so I might re-do them. But it's nice to see a friendly face in the morning.

I made this doll quilt out of an old nightie and sewed it up with strands of my hair. It took so long, but the result is lovely. I think I would adore making an entire quilt sewn with hair.

I have survived a winter in Montreal. I love snow so much- usually I try to throw snowballs at everyone. And I love it when the snow all melts and then fresh snow falls, because there are always new snowmen to smile at in the morning on the way to school.

I will try to keep updating with photos more often- I have so much to catch up on!