Sunday, 28 October 2012

Casper's Nursery Tour

Casper's room is my favourite room in the house, our dog Mika loves to sleep in the sunny spot on his bed. Sometimes there is this beautiful silence and I find Casper in there calmly reading or playing with toys. I am really lucky to have a child because now I can completely indulge my dollhouse obsession. 

We haven't really spent any money on his room, except for the bed, which we made and cost us about $65.

 My Dad found this dollhouse in Rosebud and now it is a bookcase/block holder/garage for toy firetrucks. We use an old magic suitcase as his toy-box.

The dollhouse on the left is one I made out of papier mache this year, but that's another storey (pun intended). The house on the right, I bought from gumtree and the woman who was selling it told me her father had built it in the fifties. The shell is Casper's nightlight, the painting is one of mine, the tambourine hung on the wall in my room growing up and the picture of the little girl is a present from our dear friend in Montreal.

Casper's bed is a very simple pine box with some old wood beams we used as supports. The quilt is one I made last year. Unfortunately there is not very much room for the ship I built for the soft toys- it lives at the end of the bed, unless it gets dragged out and explodes with dolls and teddies.

We found this chest of drawers in the alleyway near our house. I wasn't sure about the black paint at first but now I really like it. One of the drawers was missing a face, which I used as an opportunity to display some blankets and quilts.

This is Casper's bunny, he falls asleep holding her every night, she's one of the flip-dolls I made a while ago to sell. Luckily she didn't make the cut.

Casper's drawing desk is an old drum a friend gave us with a wooden board balanced on top, we are eventually going to build him a table and some chairs, but this will do until then!

I think Casper likes his room too, it's a good place to store sultanas and pieces of chewed apple for later.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Casper is Two!

Casper turned two on Friday so we went out to Trippy Taco for dinner and a beer in the afternoon sunshine. Yesterday I handed in my last essay for the year which means I have officially finished my first year of University. I have really only noticed how many things have changed this year. Casper started daycare, started walking and talking and growing SO quickly. 

I can't believe he is terribly two already.

Casper modelling some overalls I made him a few weeks ago, I just love the anchor suspenders.

This sequinned jacket is his favourite item of clothing and it's not even his size. He asks to wear it all the time, he's been a fancy boy from birth. He loves reading books, he is very animated when he reads stories to me, it's always "Oh no!" this and "Woooahhh" that. He is halfway between baby and little boy and that's okay with me. Happy Birthday little buddy.

Also, some work-in-progress paper piecing that I'm not sure what to do with yet, maybe another quilt?

I am also always posting my artwork on my tumblr if you ever want to see more of what I do!