Thursday, 20 December 2007

Tougher than a 65 cent steak

Right now, I am sitting in a salmon housecoat with a chandelier crystal hanging from a ribbon on my neck, and my hair is wrapped in a silk magenta turban. And heavy sheets of rain are falling on the road outside, making the cars swoosh. Oh domestic bliss!
I am so ecstatic about school being over, and the fact that jobs are falling from the sky like shiny red apples. I just finished making a belly dancing costume and up until christmas I am making dresses all of my baby cousins.
Also, I am doing the artwork for the new Ships Piano album.
This summer I have been to Torquay, Fairhaven, Meredith Music Festival (!) and I just got back from a short stint in a little suburb called Hartwell where I was house-sitting. This place was so green and leafy, I couldn't believe it. The people of Hartwell are solely fueling the drought in Australia.
Agh! I'm waiting for this bloody image to upload, but if it won't by the time I finish typing this post, I'll just throw a tantrum. Well at least I'm dressed for it.
Because all of my friends are going to uni next year and getting full-time jobs, I think I might just run away to a place where I can "plant potatoes and dream" as Moominpapa so fittingly put it.
Maybe I could sell salmon housecoats and become a billionaire next year!
Until then, I'll have the tantrum I promised you all because this picture isn't going anywhere.