Sunday, 12 February 2012

Vegan Baby Shoes

I don't know if I've ever written about being vegetarian on this blog before. It's funny, because I guess I don't even really think about it all that much. I'm in my tenth year of vegetarianism and Steve is in his fourth -I did not force him to stop eating meat, he was vegetarian when I met him!

Of course with both parents being vegetarian, Casper is vegetarian until he makes up his own mind.

We try to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as we can in our house. Which includes trying not to buy new leather products and use alternative materials where appropriate.

Casper has started daycare recently and is required to wear shoes. He doesn't really wear shoes at home or when we take him out and has only just started walking. Podiatrists recommend that children under the age of two only wear soft sole shoes. I decided to make him some soft shoes out of some upholstery vinyl that I had in my fabric stash.

I used a free tutorial online that you can find here!

I was surprised that my sewing machine sewed so smoothly through the vinyl, it was actually quite easy.

I think they ended up pretty cute, albeit a little lumpy and bumpy. They sort of look like old American footballs don't you think?


  1. They look great! Thanks for the link to the tutorial, I'd never thought about sewing baby shoes before (good presents I think!) x

  2. They are! And very quick to sew up too.

  3. I just want to comment on EVERYTHING on ur blog. Love love.
    These love.
    Now I find out that u are vegetarian and raising your son that way as well. We just watched a doco 'forks over knives' and would like to be able to be more vegetarian like but it's scary when you are told how good meat is and ESP for max everything says how much they need a diet with all meats at this age.

    Do you find it hard with Casper, either others thoughts,doctors or just like sleeping issues etc?



  4. Nice Shoes for baby. I want to this type of baby shoes.