Thursday, 4 April 2013

Casper's Festival Fashion Guide

We went to a small, family friendly music festival over Easter. It was so much fun, and surprisingly enjoyable having a two and a half year old with us for four days of camping, music and hangovers. Casper received many compliments on his outfits and so I prompted him to share some advice with you all.
So it is with great pride that I present; Casper's four simple rules for fruitful festival fashion.

Rule one: Always wear obnoxiously fluffy (faux) fur coats, they lend an air of sophistication (not that I need it).

Rule two: If you get dirty, own it, I wear my snot-trails with pride. Face paint is so 2012.

Rule three: Balloons must be colour co-ordinated with outfits at all times and gumboots should generally be worn without socks.

Rule four: If your photographer loses momentum, take control, get trigger happy and show them how to let the magic happen. See? I can even make sheep poo look glamorous.

*Last photo ©Casper Hoppen 2013


  1. Casper totally rocks festival wear. Snot trails and all!

  2. Good to hear it wasn't terrible with a wee one. I'd like to take Eamon to Blues Fest next year.

  3. Seriously, you guys are the coolest. I totally want to take Nellie to a festival this Summer now x

  4. he looks so cool in his furry jacket!

  5. Just gorgeous! I love the faux fur coat - completely huggable!

  6. Casper is just too cool....I'd love to give him a big kiss....but only after he washes his face :0)