Monday 30 March 2015

No Rush

This is what life looks like for us these days. Mop handles, paintings and guitars lean together against walls, toast crumbs, muddy gumboots, piles of folded laundry balance precariously on every surface and stacked quilts in various states of completion sit patiently waiting for me to stitch and bind. It is never ending activity, noise and clutter and I couldn't feel more at home.

When we moved into our first house as a family, I was 8 months pregnant and we didn't have very many possessions. This made me nervous so I hoarded, collected and gathered everything and anything just to make home feel like a nest. Lately I have had the opposite feeling, like I have to simplify and get rid of stuff. It's good to drop box after box at the op shop and feel lighter. It's addictive even. But I'm taking my time. I realise that there is no rush to have my house in any particular order, there are more important things to do like have a family meal, play lego with Casper, paint, make a quilt, walk the dogs, plant seeds, take photos, play music with Steve or go to the park.

I'm happy to have this ever changing home life that makes me feel grounded by being a part of it. I am typing this amongst the chaos of our kitchen, which has too many cast iron pots, not enough butter knives and some really wrinkly limes in the fruit bowl. I will get it all clean eventually today, but first I think I'll start a quilt top and take myself out for a coffee.

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