Thursday, 21 February 2013


Home again, home again! We are satisfyingly exhausted after a couple of days of visiting, eating, painting and sight-seeing. Yesterday was spent at Thunder Point then in Port Fairy for some rock exploring and ice cream licking. Last night we had a big dinner party with Steve's chilli feta pasta with sweet, plump homegrown tomatoes from his sister Anne's garden. We thought that we would have a pavlova with strawberries, kiwi and passionfruit for dessert as there was a Canadian in our midst. 

Today we went down to the dog beach, ate hot chips and let Mika jump in the sea. While Casper explored the small caves above us, I couldn't help but think that he looked like a little sprite amongst the succulents and beach flowers. Steve took Casper into town and left Eloise, Sam and I to have a little painting expedition. I will post photos of the paintings tomorrow, when the light is better.

This afternoon we packed the car up and drove to Geelong where there was a 1959 silver streamlined bus waiting for us in a storage yard. Dad and I have been looking to buy a bus for his property to use as a tiny house and the one we bought this afternoon is perfect. We will go and visit her next week to take some photos and there will be a lot of work before we can use her as a house, including getting her up to Castlemaine on a flatbed truck! But that's for another post, another time. 

The painting at the top is a portrait of Steve. I'm really into getting depth and tone right at the moment and I love making shadows on people's faces and painting red lips.  The flower is just something I am working on with a website I may or may not be creating... but I'll be back tomorrow with some of those beach landscapes!


  1. Hi Ruby, another fantastic painting...I just love them. Do you sketch first or go straight in with the paint? Do you generally work from photos or can you get your subjects to stay still? I find your work really much so that I dug my old paints out of the dust at the back of the cupboard and I'm giving it another go :)

    1. Thank you! I usually sketch first from life and then paint, but sometimes I like to be a bit freer and just paint straight on paper. I don't like to work from photos as I find that I overwork the image. I much prefer to work from life as there is a challenge that I can't get from a photo! I think you should definitely get your paints out again. it's such a nice thing to do for yourself and especially with watercolours as they take up minimal room and can be done over long periods i.e spending 20 minutes a day on one xx

  2. As always great pics. Love the man, his face says a thousand things. xx

  3. Oh how I would love a big slice of that pav right now... and your paintings are simply gorgeous, as always! x

  4. you paint AND cook - how talented are you!? love it!

  5. I am so naughty when it comes to pavlova - I always end up picking the fruit off the top, whoops! ; )

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