Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The 'Bool

We're down on the shipwreck coast visiting Steve's mum with some friends. These are week-old photos as I forgot to pack the cable for the camera. The painting is a year and a half old, I painted it at Port Fairy in the rain. You can see the raindrops on the paper like little whirlpools!


  1. I wish i had a print of that painting to hang up at my house. I really, really like your work. beautiful little boy! hope you have a lovely time at the shore!

    1. Thank you so much, i want everyone to have a painting of mine on their wall (if they would have it). Just figuring out what would be the best way of doing that at the moment. I might open up a shop of very limited edition prints, but I really just want to sell one of a kind paintings. It feels a bit more personal that way.

  2. I love that little bottom and those little feet...great photo!

  3. Oh those feet, too delicious for