Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was crazy, Steve was working and my Dad was visiting from Castlemaine. Dad and I went for a walk in the morning and had coffee in the park while Casper played. The sun was scorching by ten thirty. When we got home, Casper was so exhausted that he cried in bed for about 30 seconds and fell asleep mid-wail. Dad and I hung out and watched cartoons 'til Caspy woke up then we went outside and did some painting.

The boys painted together while I did some watercolour sketching. Casper then went inside to do some chalk drawing (our floors are made of slate so I let Casper draw on the ground and then I wipe it clean after he's done).

I love the photo of Dad brushing his teeth, he did that painting in 1989 after I was born. It's huge and hangs above our fireplace. Sam showed up mid-afternoon with 5 helium-filled love heart balloons for Casper which was so sweet! Steve came home after work with sparkling, chocolate and dinner. All in all a very excellent St. Valentine's Day.

I was so stunned to see that Fritha over at Tigerlilly Quinn has named my blog as one that she loves! You should pop over to her gorgeous place to see what she's up to, and the other blogs featured are lovely as well!

Last night the bubbles went to my head and on a whim I signed myself up for instagram. There are only three photos on it but you can follow me if you like, my profile is rubyhoppen!

And I will be drawing the winners of my Giveaway tomorrow night, so last minute entries, go!


  1. Beautiful Valentine's Day. I especially love the chalk drawing on the slate floor.. Our kitchen floor is also slate and I never considered letting Gus go wild on it with chalk. We're moving in a few weeks but I think I now have some slate kitchen floor renovation ideas in my head! Also usual- love your painting. xo

  2. It looks like you have a Valentine's Day filled with love...which is what it is all about!

    How cute is your dog...don't dogs just make the family complete.

    I agree that chalk is wonderful...Toddler C has free reign on the verandah...he can chalk up whatever he likes as it can all easily be wiped down.

    And I will see you on Instagram! Welcome!

  3. It looks like you had a fabulous, artistically brilliant day :)

  4. I love chalk drawings - still trying to convince my youngest it is better to draw with them than eat it! xo

  5. Sounds like you pretty much had the perfect Valentines.

  6. So cool that Caspar can draw on your floor, we have a random 70's concrete slab in our backyard that is awesome for chalk and paint and the best thing about the deck falling apart is the kids can completely trash it! mel x

  7. Your photos are so gorgeous, the first photo so sweet and adorable! x

  8. Looks like such a great Valentines Day, I love this collection on images- especially the tooth brush! That slate floor for drawing on is wonderful too.

    xox Lilly

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your photos and it seems like you all had a great valentines day too!